10 Examples of How a Haircut Can Change a Person’s Mood

If you’ve ever had long hair, chances are you’ve thought about cutting it off. Although long hair can tangle and attach to everything, how can one summon the guts to cut off something that has taken years to grow? Moscow-based stylist Kristina Katsabina is adamant that it’s a risk worth taking. The metamorphosis of her clients who dared to adopt the “scissors-be-damned” stance are shown in her immensely popular blog. Warning: You’re likely to be debating the same choice by the time you’ve finished reading this.

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard it stated time and time again: sometimes, a fresh haircut can make you seem completely different.

Therefore, if you’re psychologically ready for a change, why not jump in with a new haircut to see the changes for yourself?

Let Christina speak for herself:

‘How can I summon the guts to have a short haircut?’ is a question I frequently hear. This question is asked more often than “Which haircut would look good on me?”
This is comprehensible. Making a decision is always the first step. When that is finished, you may go on to thinking about the details and more minute details.
The most common query is not chosen at random. It suggests that the idea of an outward change is being motivated by some kind of interior transformation. A new hairdo, for instance!

This is for both practical and mystical purposes.
The former can significantly change how you seem. Your face’s contours, with a particular emphasis on physical and facial characteristics like your eyes, cheeks, neck, and collarbones, change throughout time.
The mystical explanation is based on the idea that hair maintains memories and experiences, sometimes bad ones. the need to cut, remove, and dispose! This includes long hair and the unpleasant emotions that go along with it. In fact, 90% of women report feeling lighter after getting a haircut, as if a weight has been removed. Although I can’t attest to the veracity of this statement, it’s difficult to disagree considering the large number of people who say that haircuts have significantly improved their life.

Therefore, in response to the most often asked question, I’d suggest that if you have genuinely experienced internal changes, the desire to alter your look will prevail. Then the question will be resolved. It will ultimately translate into action, such as looking up information, selecting a stylist, or choosing a certain haircut style. That is exactly how simple it is.
Oh, and don’t overlook the most important factor! It’s crucial to stay in touch with yourself, to pay attention to your inner guidance, and to recognize that you are the only person who truly understands and knows you.

What a Short Haircut Does to a Woman
A collection of images may effectively convey the changes that a short haircut makes to women of all ages. View it for yourself to decide!

Not bad, huh?