“45 meters of chiffon!” A 300-pound bride tried on bridal gowns.

Suzanne Evan of the United States was named the world’s best-fed bride.

The 33-year-old woman acknowledged to being concerned about the approaching wedding, blaming her anxiety on buns and cakes.

Evan isn’t concerned about the few more pounds she’ll notice on the scale the next day. The bride weighs slightly more than 300 lbs.

Suzanne’s dressmaker admitted that the beauty’s gown required 45 meters of chiffon. Are you eager to see the finished result? Evan is pleased with the gown she will wear down the aisle.
By the way, the young bride will not be losing weight. “My indigenous husband accepts me for who I am.”

“Every day, Michael compliments me and appreciates my beauty,” Suzanne acknowledged.