A British mother had a daughter after giving birth to 10 males in a row.

A lot of couples want to start families. While some individuals want a girl, others are thrilled with a boy. The third doesn’t care about the child’s gender as long as it’s healthy.
When there are already a lot of kids in the family, it might occasionally appear magical when a child of a certain gender is born.

Yet, a daughter could only be created after eleven futile efforts in the case of one caring couple.

Alexis and Davy shared the news of their daughter’s birth on social media. They were so excited to hold the little princess in their arms that they couldn’t wait to share their joy with everyone.

There doesn’t seem to be anything odd there. Simply put, the couple was looking forward to the baby’s arrival.

Only a small number of people were aware that the family already had 10 little children. Also, they were all young men.
Alexis and Davy fantasized of having a big family with both boys and girls when they first got married.

But as time passed, the mother carried on bearing sons.

The husband and wife had so many children, yet they kept trying since they knew their next attempt would be a success.

The 12th ultrasound revealed that Alexis was carrying a girl. The happy parents’ hopes were completely dashed by the results, which completely altered their worldview.

Alexis and Davy have decided to stop now that there are 10 heirs and the expected princess has appeared.