A Doll-like Girl: Living Barbie Revealed Her True Identity!

Valeria Lukyanova was dubbed “Ukraine’s Barbie doll.” The girl was a big enthusiast of dolls. Her natural data, however, was distant from the picture of the renowned doll.

As a result, Valeria opted to get plastic surgery. She drastically altered her facial characteristics. She also opted to get body surgery to make her physique more acceptable for Barbie’s specifications.

Of course, the girl had no regard for her health. Every day, Valeria put on a lot of makeup.

Valeria became well-known on the Internet and was invited to several discussion shows. Some criticized the youngster, while others praised her.

The girl became weary of this image over time. She chose to abandon her childhood goal as she grew older.

She no longer wears as much makeup. And she’s extremely lovely.

She now appears to be more normal. The girl has a lovely beauty.

The girl has no regrets about her cosmetic surgery.

What did you think of the girl’s appearance?