A little child stopped oncoming cars to assist a strange granny.

To assist an elderly woman, a young American named Maurice Adams Junior stopped traffic on the street. He saw the grandma trying to elevate steps close to a dangerous intersection when he and his mother were driving an SUV and saw that she could have collapsed at any minute.

Adams immediately went onto the road and halted traffic when the woman immediately blocked the automobile. From that moment on, he was being recorded on video.

The child rushed up to the old lady, placed his hand on her back, and slowly assisted her up the steps while situating her walker. The grandma gave the youngster a bear hug and praised him as special when they reached the summit.

The young man was unaware that he was being recorded. Adams’ mother expressed her happiness with her son in an interview with WSB-TV Atlanta.

It is quite emotional. The boy’s mother emphasized, “It demonstrates respect and that the parenting process is proceeding in the correct direction.

Everyone was really moved by his performance and was undoubtedly impressed. One witness to the youngster’s good deeds also told reporters that he met up with the boy and handed him a sizable sum of money as a consequence.