A song from Titanic was sung by a 9-year-old girl better than the original version.

In 2017, Celine Tam was only 9 years old, but her singing was so good that the Got Talent judges gave her a blast of gold sequins, which was the highest praise they could give.

When she was three, she began to learn how to sing. She sang well when she was four years old, even in the middle of the day.

At the Shanhai LOVE show in 2014, she sang “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen with the pop singer Schila Amzah. She is a singer from Hong Kong who is known as “Celine Dion.” As a child, she became famous by singing at live events and on TV shows in China.

When she was five, she took part in the Let’s Sing Kids challenge and found the chance of a lifetime. In 2017, she made it to the semi-finals of AMERICA Goth Talent for the twelfth time.