A source says that Ben Affleck and J-Lo are thinking about getting a divorce, which could mean that the end is near.

Fans of J-Lo are worried about reports of fights between the singer and Ben Affleck, who became her official husband last summer. A person who knows the couple well and is close to them has also shared new information.

He says that things are even worse than what J-Lo’s fans thought they would be. The person said that the couple had a big fight that, in his opinion, could lead to them getting a divorce. J-Lo is very driven and wants to do a lot of things. She is also a stickler who wants everything to be perfect at home and at work.

Ben needs a much calmer way of life to be free of stress. He also has to deal with his very busy and demanding wife. J.Lo has also started a business, which many people think is very bad for their marriage.

Fans had a feeling that Ben and J-Lo’s families weren’t too happy. If things don’t change, the most happy finish to their love story could be the end of their marriage. How do you feel?