A special-needs teacher who is about to get married looks up and sees her children going down the aisle.

She was on the verge of crying.

It’s hard to choose a surprise for your future mate on the day of your wedding. This could be the most important day of your lives together. How do you make a present that fits the event?

One Brazilian groom thought of the right gift for his bride on their wedding day.

This is a big day for Cntia Bonfante Pereira and her future husband, José Vitor Flach.

They had been together for at least three years before deciding to get married. The wedding was held in a church, and both family and friends were there.

But the bride didn’t know about a few more people who would be there.

Cntia helps kids with Down syndrome learn how to talk by helping them with their speech.

Her work has changed a lot of kids’ lives for the better.

In fact, she has become very close to the children.

They are, more or less, her kids. And everyone knows how much a loving adult can change a child’s life.

I’m sure we’ve all had kind, hardworking teachers who made a difference in our lives.

Down syndrome does make it hard for the person to talk and talk to other people.

And kids will talk and listen a lot when they are in preschool and grade school.

It’s impossible to say enough about how important Cntia’s job is for these kids.

Most people didn’t know this as well as her groom did.

So he thought of a way to surprise his bride with something that would make her cry.

As soon as it was time to say vows and put on the rings, José’s surprise started to fall apart.

The bride was still standing next to her groom, not knowing what was on the other side of the hall.

As soon as she saw who was going to bring the rings, she lost it and started crying.

On a wedding day, it’s normal for people to cry. So for something to make the bride cry even more, that’s a pretty big deal.

Her speech therapy kids walked down the aisle with the rings.

The kids with Down syndrome who hung out with her all those days are also here for her big day.

All of the kids also looked their best. A couple even followed the group in a toy car. I don’t think they could use that as the wedding car, though.

They were in charge of the rings. All of the seven.

How else could they show how much they love Cntia?

I would be lying if I said this wasn’t sweet to see. Cntia cares a lot about making kids feel like they belong and are valued, no matter what they were born with. José has done just that by having them attend her wedding in front of everyone.

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