A woman was widely mocked online for adopting her husband’s ex-wife’s baby.

Christie and Wesley Werts, a devoted couple, embarked on their journey together five years ago, blending their families and creating a loving home for Wesley’s children, Austin and Dakota, along with Christie’s daughter, Megan.

Little did they know that their love story would take an unexpected twist when they welcomed Levi, a miraculous baby, into their lives through adoption.

The Werts family’s determination and perseverance were evident throughout Levi’s adoption process. After a 16-month wait, they were overjoyed to finally bring their newborn baby home.

However, Levi’s adoption story took a poignant turn in August 2021. Born in Texas, Levi’s biological mother, a former girlfriend of Wesley’s, tragically passed away just four days after his premature delivery at 33 weeks due to addiction and complications from the coronavirus.

Upon learning about Levi’s existence, Christie, who had firsthand experience with foster care, was determined to provide him with a loving and stable home.

Remarkably, Christie had recurring dreams about a blonde child with blue eyes for three months prior to meeting Levi. This dream significantly influenced her decision to adopt Levi once she discovered his existence.

Through Child Protection Services, the Werts family traveled from Ohio to Texas to meet Levi, and their first encounter mirrored Christie’s dream. “I fell in love with this blue-eyed, blond baby the moment I walked in,” Christie recalled.

Despite facing challenges throughout the adoption process, including legal proceedings to terminate Levi’s biological father’s parental rights, the Werts family remained steadfast in their commitment to giving Levi a bright future.

After sixteen months of rigorous home visits, interviews, and court hearings, Levi’s adoption was finalized, allowing the Werts family to officially welcome him into their hearts and home.

While some criticized Christie for sharing Levi’s story publicly, others offered support and well-wishes for the newly expanded family.

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