“About to surpass their father”: what do Brendan Fraser’s boys look like and where do they live?

Brendan Fraser was able to win over the public after his triumph in the film “The Mummy.”

The tall, trim brunette won over several girls all around the world. At the same time, the actor began to receive substantial offers. Brendan’s career and life appeared to take off, and they did for a time. Fraser was working as an actor in films and wished to appear on stage.

Everything in the personal life of the ’90s sex symbol was also very quiet. Brendan was in love with his wife, Afton Smith, and they had three children, Griffin, 21, Holden, 19, and Leland, 17, all of whom are now adults, without incident until the actress filed for divorce.
This incident crushed the actor, who lost his love as well as millions of wealth in an instant. After the divorce, Fraser withdrew inside himself because the personal sorrow was so strong and severe. The actor no longer appears in films or makes public appearances.

Frasier got his second shot a year ago when he was cast in the film “The Whale.” The star of “The Mummy” happily consented to them, unaware that he would win the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2023!

Holden and Leland, Brendan’s sons, were also present for the social gathering. They were clothed in black leather and velvet outfits and stood in front of their father. Numerous individuals have commented on the men’s model-like appearance. As a result, they routinely work with different brands and fashion houses.
Yet, they bear little resemblance to their father. To begin, Leland and Holden have different-colored hair. Second, even between them, their facial features are distinct.

So where is the oldest son? The actor has stated numerous times that he is autistic and despises publicity. There are few photographs of him on the Internet, although there are many of Leland and Holden.