After 24 Long Years. How Imhotep’s Admirer, Who Is Now 52, Presents Today

Do you remember the beautiful woman who became Imhotep’s most treasured photograph? Despite her reservations, Anxunamun’s unique beauty made an impression on many viewers and has stuck with her to this day. When Patricia Velasquez turned 52, she celebrated by posting new photos to Instagram.

The Venezuelan actress and model looks as though she just stepped off the cover of a teen magazine. It’s hard for me to realize that 24 years have passed.

The phrase “my first love” She appears to be much older than she is. It’s as though she’s given up on hygiene entirely.

The words “aged” and “some stars at her age look much younger”

“Pretty Anxunamun,” “Great actress,” “I liked her more than the main character,” – I read in the comments under the new photographs of Velasquez.