After getting a facelift, 77-year-old celebrity Goldie Hawn astounded everyone.

The attractive actress gained popularity after making multiple appearances in movies in the 1960s, and she has since gone on to have a long and prosperous career. Being the center of attention has benefits, but it also attracts criticism.

Several people have criticized the Oscar-winning actress for how she looks throughout the years, with some even suggesting that she underwent plastic surgery to maintain her youthful appearance.

Hollywood Goldie Hawn fans were unable to identify the famous person in the photos taken by paparazzi.

The 76-year-old gorgeous star’s physical appearance and use of plastic surgery have been the subject of several rumors.

The most recent pictures of the famous 77-year-old show that Hawn sought the assistance of plastic surgeons. The results of an attempted intervention were addressed in the comments by Goldie’s supporters.

How do plastic surgeons treat these types of patients? She hurt who or what, exactly? I doubt she will be surprised. How could you treat yourself so well when it seems like she isn’t herself? How on earth is even that imaginable?

Online users stated, “I didn’t recognize her, and I didn’t change all that much in my old age.”

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