Al Pacino, who is 83, was seen dancing while taking a morning walk in Beverly Hills.

On April 25, the famous actor Al Pacino turned 83. The great Hollywood actor stays calm and amazes people with the power of his soul. Photographers caught the star out for a walk in the morning in Beverly Hills the other day. Al Pacino doesn’t seem to have whined about being bored or being weak because of his age.

Al looks more awake than ever in the new pictures, and he even dances while his favorite music plays through his headphones.

“That’s someone who you could easily call a star,” “Legend. Live long and give us good performances.”

“A wonderful actor,” “Al, who has no equal,” “The best actor still alive today,” “Always be healthy and alert,” “Al, happy birthday,” “I love this actor,” “I’m amazed by the way he plays.”

“I give this man a standing ovation,” people wrote under photos of the Hollywood star on the Internet.