“And He Seemed So Modest”: In Love, Keanu Reeves Kissed his Beloved in Full View of Everyone

We’re used to seeing young models or plastic surgery patients in the same room as Hollywood celebrities. Even among Hollywood superstars, it turns out, there are exceptions to the norm. The 58-year-old Hollywood beauty was escorted on the red carpet the other day by her fiancée, Alexandra Grant.

Her natural beauty distinguishes her from the other artists picked. Alexandra does not conceal her gray hair and has never sought the help of cosmetic surgeons.

“Looks 70,” “Like mother and son.”

“Even Keanu’s mother appears to be younger than this woman,” “A lady should be well-dressed. And this is especially true in this situation. Alexandra is unattractive.”

“What good is that?” A lady boasts about looking older than her years?” “Somewhat neglected,” remarked Reeves admirers in the comments.