As slim and pretty as she was when she was 30. Sharon Stone, who is 65 years old, wore a dress and no underwear when she went out.

Even though she has problems in her personal life, the famous person doesn’t miss important events. She is honest about her problems and shows in every way that she is strong.

Sharon Stone is a well-known actor in Hollywood. In March, she turned 65. Even more, it’s hard to believe it. She is still beautiful, thin, and fit, and her smile hasn’t changed in thirty years.

We only recently liked that the star went to the event for cancer research in women. Then Sharon looked beautiful in a green dress with stones that fit her well.

As it turned out, she got a prize for taking part in the event a little while later. Then the famous person gave a speech of thanks. During the talk, Stone asked people to give. Even though she lost half of her funds lately, she still helps people who are in need. “I know what’s happening, but it takes guts. “I just lost half my money because of bank problems, but I’m still here,” the star said, suggesting that she was a customer of the failed Silicon Valley Bank.

The actor is dealing with these problems in a unique way: she tells herself to ignore them and keep living her life. So, she went to a party in Los Angeles to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. The party was held at the Hollywood Legion Theater. She made a big show of herself on the red carpet.

The actress stood in a beautiful red pantsuit with a cape on one side, wide pants, and a jacket with nothing on it. Where Stone’s jacket button was, he had a small gold lock that matched his shoes. The necklace, which looked like a big pendant and was hung on a black ribbon, drew attention to the cleavage, which was on full display. Sharon had a simple hairstyle, pink lipstick, aviator glasses with clear lenses, and small gold hoops in her ears.

Some people on the Internet didn’t like how the star was dressed, but it made us very happy. After all, the 65-year-old celebrity’s chest area looks quite attractive after so many surgeries and implants to remove tumors and other wrong growths.