Barbie, who weighs more than 260 pounds, showed off her legs and broke every stereotype.

She doesn’t care about these pictures. Caitlin Redding, a writer who lives in the UK, calls herself “Barbie in XXXL.” She doesn’t hide the fact that she likes to eat, and she wears her extra weight with style.

She isn’t embarrassed by her size, and it shows in the way she looks. But it wasn’t always this way. There was a time when her fans often left mean notes.

Kate used to feel bad about how she looked, but after doing a picture with a friend, she learned that her weight wasn’t that big of a deal.

Her friend talked her into taking full-body shots, and the day after she posted them, she woke up to a lot of new fans.

Kate has been telling her fans ever since that how they look isn’t the most important thing. She also talks about how clothes sizes and ways of living are unique.

Kate has been working hard on her “Cocktail with Kate” YouTube account lately. The goal of this channel is to have live conversations with her audience, talking about sad stories and breaking down interesting situations.

This style has gotten a lot of attention, and people go to her videos to give her tips.