Ben Affleck’s kid goes to the same school where Lopez and Garner did. Garner wore pants, and Lopez wore a dress with a cut.

Jennifer Lopez is a great star, and Affleck’s children from his first marriage to Jennifer Garner got along well with her. Her 14-year-old daughter Serafina is close to her. She hangs out with her family a lot.

Lopez went to the school play to show her support and cheer for the young girl. Jennifer put in a lot of time getting ready for the event. She got a haircut with a lot of body and put on makeup that made her look like she was glowing. She wore a bright red dress with flowers and a big hole at the hip that showed off her skinny legs. A small handbag and shiny leather platform shoes finished off the look.

The cameras caught sight of Jennifer, her husband, and their 15-year-old twins, Max and Emma. Ben’s oldest daughter Violet and his ex-wife ran into Lopez at school. Garner wore a T-shirt, a black jacket, black pants, and black shoes to the school event.

Ben’s first wife and his current wife kept some distance between themselves. The Daily Mail said that Lopez put the kids first by talking to Violet about important things and giving her a warm hug. This showed how close their mixed family really was.

Lopez felt upset when Garner made fun of what happened at the Grammys, which has made their friendship tense. Now, Ben has to try to get the two people back together.

At a movie opening, three of Affleck’s children showed their support for Jennifer Lopez. Their relationships look good and happy, which is great for a person who is known all over the world.