“Best day of my whole life.” Jessie J. showed off her son for the first time since he was born.

If you want an emotional roller coaster, all you have to do is look at Jessie J’s social media. The 35-year-old singer told the world she was pregnant in January, a year after she had a loss. In May, she became a mother for the first time when she and basketball player Chanan Safir Coleman gave birth to a boy.

“You’ll be one month old tomorrow. It felt like one long and wonderful day. Baby, your mother and father love you more than anything… If you’ve been following my life, you’ve often felt my pain with me. Now, share my happiness with me as well.”

When the baby turns one month old, Jessie posts a picture of the baby’s face for the first time. Instead of just making a cute picture, the singer made a long film. This minute-and-a-half-long story shows the baby’s trip from the hospital (beware, it’s pretty graphic!) to his crib.

She put a very moving comment with the video so that no one would leave the social media site without tears in their eyes.

We applaud Jessie for being honest, and we hope that she and her new baby have a long, healthy, and happy life together.