Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams raise their two kids privately in a cozy log house

Brad Paisley enjoys being a family guy with his actress wife Kimberly Williams and his children while he’s not on the road or in the studio creating new music. In Williamson, the couple resides in their ideal house.

Brad Paisley has always wanted it all: a secure career, kids, a dream home in Williamson, Tennessee, a beautiful wife who was his longtime obsession. It’s reasonable to say that Brad is living the life of his dreams, but it all began with a tiny step and a bag full of dreams.

Born in West Virginia’s Glen Dale, Paisley had a clear idea of his goals in life by the time he was eight years old. Paisley was a huge music enthusiast who amazed his hometown with his skills.

After his first trip to Tennessee, the child was even more certain that music was his calling. Paisley relocated to Tennessee well into maturity, having left behind his early years.

The singer once said that Tennessee was considerably larger and the quantity of talent there may make one realize they were not the finest, therefore he was glad he started in Glen Dale. The “She’s Everything” crooner enrolled at Belmont University, which was close to record labels, to launch his career.

It came to pass that he pursued music in addition to getting a degree. These days, Paisley has moved past his difficult times and is reaping the benefits with his 20-year wife, Kimberly Williams.

Kimberly and Paisley’s RomanceDespite being married for twenty years, Paisley’s romantic history with her dates back to the early 1990s, since he had fallen in love with her before they even met.

When Williams’ song “Father Of The Bride” captured Paisley’s attention in 1991, he was still in his early stages of success. After a difficult breakup four years later, he watched “Father of the Bride II” to help him forget his problems.

It was a bright spot of sunshine to see Williams’ face again, and he found her to be witty and kind. In an interview with Good Housekeeping, he revealed:

“She seems like a fantastic girl—smart, humorous, and all those qualities that are so hard to find,” I thought to myself.

After acclimating to life in the spotlight, Paisley won the ACM award for best male vocalist in 2002. He talked about his breakup and his experiences viewing “Father Of The Bride” in his song “Part II.” This suggested that he was still thinking about Williams.

When their paths crossed in the same year, he invited Williams to appear in the music video for his song, “I’m Going To Miss Her.”