Brother jumps into the water and fights a 9-foot-long shark to save his sister from the shark’s mouth.

A shark attacked a 17-year-old girl on a beach in Florida, but she is still alive today because she fought back and her brother moved quickly.

Addison Bethea was collecting scallops near Keaton Beach, near Grassy Island, when a shark bit her. About 5 feet of water covered the ground.

“The next thing I knew, someone grabbed my leg, and I thought, “That’s not right.” Then I looked, and it was a big old shark,” the kid told Good Morning America.

Addison had seen on Animal Planet that if a shark strikes you, you should punch it in the nose, but the shark bit her so hard she couldn’t reach the shark’s nose. Still, she fought it and tried to take it off with her bare hands.

When Rhett Willingham, Addison’s brother, saw the blood, he jumped into the water to help her.

He said, “She came back up, and I saw blood and all, and I saw the shark.”

“So I swam over there, grabbed her, and tried to push them all apart by pushing on her. He just kept coming. So I grabbed her, swam backward, kicked him, and then yelled for help.”

Rhett, who is 22 years old and works in Taylor County as an EMT and firefighter, beat and kicked the shark nonstop to get his sister out. When she was free, he grabbed her and put her on his boat.

When a nearby boater saw that they were in trouble, he offered to help, and Rhett put Addison on his boat.

Then, he made a 4-foot patch out of a boat rope and wrapped it around her right upper leg to stop the bleeding. Rhett called for an ambulance before he used the boat to get back to land.

Addison was hurt badly and had to be taken about 80 miles to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, where she was said to be in dangerous condition at first.

She needed surgery right away, and she was put back together. It was a shame that her right leg was hurt so badly.

Addison’s dad, Shane, said, “The shark bit her right leg, and the front quad muscle was destroyed.”

“It was horrible; it was a very bad wound. The vascular surgeon took a vein from the left leg and changed it into an artery for the right leg.

Doctors don’t want to cut off her leg at the hip. Surgeons will also try to keep enough of her lower leg’s skin so that gadgets can be attached to it.

“The most important thing is that she’s still alive!” Shane said.

Addison is happy even though she just went through something scary. Her friends also came to see her in the ICU.

“She was typing on her phone to talk to us when she woke up. Shane said on Facebook, “She was in a good mood and making jokes about beating up the shark.”

The first thing Addison asked for was a Frosty from Wendy’s.

The teen is already scheduled to have a second surgery to find out how bad the damage is and what kinds of treatments can be used to save her leg.

Addison was bitten by a shark that was about 9 feet long, but the sheriff’s office doesn’t know what kind it was.

They also told everyone in the area who swims or looks for scallops to be careful.

The sheriff’s office said swimmers and scallopers should be aware of sharks and be careful around them.

“Some rules to follow are: don’t swim alone, don’t get in the water near fishermen, stay away from places where sharks like to hang out, like sandbars, don’t swim near big schools of fish, and don’t move around erratically in the water.”

Send a check to the Buckeye Community Federal Credit Union with “Addison Bethea” put on the message line to help pay for Addison’s hospital bills. 1825 S. Jefferson St., Perry, FL 32348 is the site.

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