Bruce Willis, who is almost 67 years old, was seen: The actor’s current look

This is what Bruce Willis, who has aphasia, looks like now. He was filmed while he was walking.

Bruce Willis, who is 67 years old, was seen walking with a friend in Santa Monica.

After he was identified with aphasia, which is caused by a problem in the speech center of the brain, Bruce Willis’ life changed in a big way.

People with this disease find it hard to talk and write. The actor had to stop making movies because he got sick.

Now, he doesn’t go out much.

On the set of the most recent movie, “Glass,” the star didn’t even smile, and he always had a helper with him to help him walk.

But recently, as Willis, 67, walked around Los Angeles, he was attacked by media cameras.

The Hollywood star was having dinner with a friend at a restaurant in Santa Monica. He was wearing a white shirt and pants.

Bruce looked slim and fit as he hung out on the beach, and friends said he looked much better than before.

But Willis was also seen in a Los Angeles neighborhood the day before.

The actor seemed a little lost and worn out.

Emma Hemming, who is Bruce Willis’s 44-year-old wife, recently told fans that her new hobby helps her deal with the pain of her husband’s illness.

On her Instagram page, the actor’s wife shared a picture of his hobby.

Hemming likes to play games, work in his yard, and hang out with his family.