Cameron Diaz told her grown-up daughter that she had decided not to hide the child anymore.

A 50-year-old actor’s only child is now over three years old. But the celebrity hasn’t released any pictures of herself yet. She was also so sneaky that the press almost never got a picture of a child in a strange place.

Model’s wedding was in France, so she, her husband, and her daughter flew there from California. Just before the wedding, they got there. So, the first time they were filmed, it was on the balcony of the nice hotel. She was also proud to show off her slim body in a floor-length black dress.

At first, all she wanted was to be with her family. After that, she worked hard on a baby who was born as soon as possible in the year 2020. At first, she cared so much about being a parent that she hardly ever left the house.

The star says she didn’t want to leave the child for long, so she stayed at home by herself during this time. How do you feel?