Consider the current look of a little girl who was born with a distinctive “clown nose” nine years ago.

Lloyd Connie’s parents decided to raise their child despite her “odd” looks when she was born.

A three-year-old boy with a “clown nose” undergoes surgery.

Connie had a “clown nose,” which was a large red mole on her nose.

The doctors advised her parents that it was a hemangioma that would go away on its own. However, nothing changed throughout the years. The parents then decided to act and settle the situation in a new manner.

An operation ends a girl’s “clown nose” birthmark suffering,

As she grew older and had fewer friends, the little girl felt more self-conscious about her appearance. Her parents eventually found a skilled specialist who could remove the birthmark from her nose after three years of searching.

Zara Green’s daughter Connie is no longer identified with Rudolph after having a red birthmark removed from her nose.

I was afraid she’d be cast as Rudolph in the school play’: Mother’s relief after successful birthmark removal operation for her daughter | Daily Mail Online

The girl’s operation was a big success, and the doctor and her parents’ efforts were not in vain.