Cuteness Alert! Little Boy Tears Up The First Time He Holds His Baby Sister.

Some people just seem to be born to love and care for other people. Mom Ali Retelle and her family just got a new baby girl, and when her toddler son saw her, it was love at first sight. We’re lucky that Ali took a picture of their cute first meeting.

A video shows the little boy cuddling his new baby sister and looking into her tiny face. He starts crying, but doesn’t seem to notice. He wipes his eyes with his arm, but never takes his eyes off the baby. His parents tell him he can talk to her, but she won’t respond. He seems happy to hear that she can hear him. Older brothers will tell him to enjoy this time with her before she starts talking, but that doesn’t matter right now.

This little boy has a very good heart. Check out the movie below to see why we think he’ll be a great big brother, and don’t forget to share.