Dad Starts Playing Guitar For Toddler Twins: The Totally Adorable Moment Captured on Camera

These little twin infants start dancing as soon as their father plays My Paradise, a guitar song he wrote himself especially for his girls. These are the same infants that in 2012 captured the attention of the internet by rhythmically rocking in their high chairs to their father’s guitar solo.

The utterly gorgeous scene of the two 19-month-old identical twins dancing was captured on video and shared by YouTube user Brovadere, who comments:

This video shows our 19-month-old identical twin girls dancing to their father’s guitar. How kids develop their own dance moves is just remarkable! I wrote the song I’m performing specifically for them, and it’s an original.

The father of these alluring twin daughters is an independent musician who enjoys creating, producing, and mixing music, according to his YouTube page.

The twins convert their living room with a fireplace into a dance floor while sporting similar clothing, haircuts, and a shared love of music.

Although the twins are now in primary school and the video was released about seven years ago, it’s comforting to think that they still bounce and sway whenever their father takes up his guitar and starts to play.

These are the same infants that gained online fame in 2012 for doing what they do best, which is dancing to music. The fact that the video depicts the special link between twins makes it even more unique. Just look at how they gaze at each other as the music starts, as if to say, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

According to McMaster University research, listening to music makes newborns more likely to smile. These musically oriented infants are easier to settle when they cry than non-musical infants. Additionally, newborns that have greater musical exposure tend to be more daring in their exploration of their environment. It is advisable for parents to introduce their young children to music for these different reasons.