Disney loses 23 million subscribers in an instant after attempting to cancel Elon Musk’s contract.

The Walt Disney Company, which long ago opted to associate itself with woke beliefs, has just discovered what happens when you tamper with Americans and their freedom of expression.

After the corporation severed relations with Elon Musk over the term “Pizzagate,” 23 million freedom-loving American patriots severed links with Disney Plus.

“It’s unprecedented,” said Disney’s chief of marketing, Joe Barron, adding that “we had no idea how many conspiracy theorists were tuned in.”

Musk has come under criticism for speculating about a pedophilia trafficking network in the basement of a pizza business in Washington, DC that doesn’t have a basement.

“He’s off his rocker,” Barron remarked. “And the sycophant blue-check army that thinks he’s the cat’s meow is nothing but a collection of Trumpster loyalist stooges.”

ALLOD Pizzafier Specialist Tara Newhole claims she’s gone to the location in question and there isn’t a basement. “You dispatched me there. To fit a huge Hawaiian. Because you are one of those oddballs. They laughed and told me I’d win a million dollars if I could discover the basement. So either they’re speaking the truth or they’ve spent a lot of money to keep it hidden.”

We won’t name the pizza shop out of respect for truth. But if you know, and if you’ve been there, you know that the onion rings are wonderful. God bless the United States of America.