Donna sunbathes in Georgia in a gold string biкini, which makes her look very pretty.

Donna sunbathes in Georgia in a gold string bikini, which makes her look very pretty.

Donna D’Errico posted a beautiful new picture of herself on Instagram. In it, she looks like a golden queen.

The beautiful Baywatch star Donna D’Errico is the queen of string bikinis, and she knows it! On April 18, she posted a jaw-dropping golden queen look to her verified Instagram and shared it with her 1.7 million fans.

The beautiful brunette was caught on camera lounging on a soft white towel on a grassy area in Georgia just before summer. She did a great job of posing even though all she had on was a tiny gold string bikini.

“High of 81° here in Georgia today,” she wrote with an emoji of a burning sun. “Here I am relaxing in my backyard so I can be alone, and then I posted it online.”

Fans rushed to the comments section to say how beautiful the picture was. “That gold looks great on you!” said one fan, while another joked, “Wonderfully… Thanks for writing…

You turned up the heat where I am… and it’s already pretty warm.” “You are the god of gods!! You made my day better. Donna, I hope you have a great day! “So beautiful,” said a third. A fourth person yelled, “Golden FIRE!!!”

Donna has been open about how she keeps looking so young, even though the last episode of the original Baywatch aired decades ago. “It’s not completely natural,” she told Extra at one point. “There are a few small changes… Botox, fillers, nips, and tucks are all part of the process.”

Even though she liked swimsuits, she admitted in 2022 that she couldn’t swim.

Her role on Baywatch was almost too complicated for her to play, but she was able to get and keep the part. Fox News says that she said, “I still can’t swim to this day.” “I’m afraid of the water.”

Even on water, I can’t walk. In one scene, which I think is the only one, my character is in the water saving someone. I think I almost drowned trying to do it. I’m supposed to be saving a boy, but you can see the f-word coming out of my mouth as I swim in this pool. If you have fins, that’s one thing, but if you don’t, that’s a whole different story.