Eight tough Hollywood males who have lost their physique as they have aged

Not long ago, they would exclaim, “What a handsome man he is, and how could you not want him?” But, as time has passed, they are no longer renowned as the “Hollywood sex symbol.”

Leonardo DiCaprio

Remember how dashing Leo was in Titanic? However, the actor has now acquired weight and his appearance has altered.

Edward Norton

The fame of “Fight Club” is undeniably diminishing. old and grayed.

Johnny Depp

It is clear that Johnny’s life has not been easy in recent years. He is exhausted by his ex-spouse’s engagement in the legal procedure.

Jude Law

Jude was once slim and beautiful, but he now has a stomach and wrinkles.

Antonio Banderas

Antonio is difficult to spot in this photograph. He seems to be older since he lacks brows and hair.

Brendan Fraser

The “Mummy” actor appeared to have aged and gained weight, although these changes were caused by his sickness. He is presently working hard to get back into condition.

Hugh Grant

Hugh, who is really handsome, exemplifies how age has shown itself. He now has gray hair, wrinkles, and flaws on his face.

Matthew Perry

Matthew has transformed over the last few years, becoming unrecognizable. He had utilized those years to overcome his drug addiction and sadness, it was revealed.