Elizabeth Taylor’s appearance in her later years was marred by sickness and the passage of time.

Elizabeth Taylor’s life, known as the “Queen of Hollywood,” is hardly a fairy tale. She experienced oncology, despair, countless marriages, popularity, and recognition. She lived for 79 years, and by the time of her death, she had resembled that well-known beauty somewhat.

The American diva married eight times but only had seven husbands. And it’s all because she had two marriages to Richard Burton, a stage and screen actor, according to StarHit. The actress had three biological children and one child through adoption.

The legend of international cinema was in dreadful shape by the age of 70. She tried to cover up numerous flaws with a heavy coat of vivid makeup. She still enjoyed dressing herself up in jewels despite her advanced age. Even when she was gravely ill and confined to a wheelchair, Taylor seemed to want to shine.

But the stunning and gifted actress will always be remembered for her positive nature.