“Everyone Is Shocked” Miley Cyrus’s sister goes around Paris with just a chain around her chest.

Miley Cyrus is called the “queen of naked outfits” But Noah, who is 23 years old, can keep up with her bigger sister, who is a show-off.
The girl became well-known very quickly. Noah’s father, the famous country singer Bill Ray Cyrus, put her on TV shows when she was only two years old. Noah played recurring parts in “Hannah Montana,” the show that her older sister Miley Cyrus worked on.

Cyrus Jr. seemed like she should have been interested in acting, but she was more interested in music. So, by the time he was 17, Noah had already put out full singles that made it to the charts. Cyrus’s father and sister, who also gave up acting, taught her how to sing well.
But Noah doesn’t just look like her sister in this way. Girls are still joined by their love of fashion and style, which can make people wonder a lot about them.

So Noah Cyrus showed up at the annual Paris Fashion Week in a tight, beautiful dress with a deep neckline that showed off her whole chest. The Hollywood star hid her nipples with a big black chain so she wouldn’t look too racy, but it still showed more than it should have.

Noah’s face looked better without eyebrows, which she had lightened before she started. True, this gave Cyrus a painful look, especially since it made his face whiter and made his cheekbones stand out.