Everyone’s attention was drawn to it. Sharon Stone went to a dinner party in a red suit with a big flower on it.

An American actor was at the event full of famous people. The public’s attention was drawn to Sharon Stone when she wore bright clothes.

The 65-year-old actor was the guest of honor at the Raising Our Voices dinner in Los Angeles, which was put on by The Hollywood Reporter. Sharon spent a lot of time getting ready for this rare trip. She made sure her hair was in a way that showed off her face and used natural makeup to bring out her features.

Stone wore a red jumpsuit with a big flower on the left side of the jacket. She wore it with a pink top and burgundy shoes. A silver scarf added a pop of color.

Sharon and Eva Longoria said hello to each other on the red carpet, where they posed for pictures with smiles on their faces. Fans said nice things about Stone a lot.

People said things like, “She looks beautiful,” “It’s nice to see an actress after 50 years without Botox and fillers,” “I love her outfit,” “Sharon has a lovely figure,” and “They’re both beautiful.”

The actress talked about Kim Kardashian’s appearance on the hit show “American Horror Story.” She was skeptical about it. She also talked about how she had to study a lot to make it in the movie business.