Five months after having their daughter, Teigen and Ledgend became parents once more and revealed the surrogate mother.

Model Chrissy Teigen and musician John Legend, a famous couple, are still working toward their goal of creating a large family.

Daughter Estee Maxine Stevens, their third child, was born to Teigen only five months ago. On the other hand, Legend excitedly revealed on June 28 that he had welcomed his fourth child into the world.

The artist posted a touching picture of himself and his wife holding their little kid on his Instagram page. Ren Alexander Stevens, our new love,” Legend captioned the picture.

Chrissy Teigen confirmed the information and thanked Alexandra, the exceptional surrogate mother who delivered their son:

“When we first met Alexandra, she was the most amazing, sensitive, and loving surrogate mother we had ever encountered. I saw she was a good fit for us as soon as we chatted with her. I desired for our children to develop together, share meals, and allow me to lay my head on her abdomen and feel their kicks and hiccups. As long as the circumstances would allow, I wanted them to remain a part of our life. Sadly, Alex’s initial embryo transfer didn’t lead to a healthy pregnancy. She worked really hard to get ready for the second transfer, and I will never forget it. We were thrilled to learn that Alexandra was expecting a boy as we cautiously neared the safe zone of my own pregnancy,” Teigen said.

Chrissy added that their fourth kid was born on June 19 as well. They honored his surrogate mother by giving him the middle name Ren Alexander Stevens.