For the first time in a year, Sandra Bullock is seen; the actress has transformed since taking a sabbatical from her acting career.

Not a single social gathering could have survived without Sandra Bullock once. Yet these days, you hardly ever hear about her.

The Hollywood actress was last seen on the red carpet in March last year. And in June, she announced that she was taking a break from her career.

The reason is simple burnout. Celebrity was too serious about work and decided that she wanted to devote time to her family.

Either the vacation was beneficial, or she cannot live without secular parties, for the first time in a year Sandra, as in the good old days, appeared at the Oscar pre-party.

We must admit that the rest works well for the star. Sandra looks gorgeous at 58!

She liked chatting with Brendan Fraser and Demi Moore, who both received the prized statuette, and posing for photos with them.

According to rumors, Sandra might soon start working again.

Recently, Brad Pitt revealed in an interview with British Vogue that he and another actor had had a great idea for a movie.

And now that Brad has made up his mind to keep working with his “old friend Sandy,” it’s feasible that we’ll see her at the Oscars again the following year. Being the best filmmaker, we wish that.