For the sake of her husband’s pleasure. Lively in a Bodysuit Demonstrated How Her Shape Has Changed After Four Children

Blake Lively, a 35-year-old Hollywood actress, has given birth to four children. After giving birth to her fourth kid, the actress recently gushed about her figure.

Blake posted a photo of herself in a bodysuit, which delighted admirers but infuriated critics. In the comments section of Blake’s new images, an envious celebrity critiqued the shortcomings of the contour.

“What’s the hurry?” You should have started working out sooner.” “She hasn’t changed for the better,” says the author. “She used to be so slim,” she says.

“She looks fantastic. You should have seen me when my first child was born. My tummy remained pregnant for several months after giving delivery.”

“She’s so radiant and happy,” “What makes her sad?” She had a baby and then went on vacation. The children will be reared by nannies.” “So fat,” others wrote in the comments section beneath Lively’s vacation photo.