Goldie Hawn, 77, has transformed beyond recognition, with new facial expressions and a pouty appearance.

If everyone admired her mother Kate Hudson’s eternal youth and beauty a few years ago, her appearance now has fans perplexed and wanting to rewatch “Overboard” for the hundredth time to recall what the famed actress was like.

Goldie Hawn, an American actress, was one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. She is most known for her role in the film “Overboard,” which she co-starred in alongside her common-law husband, Kurt Russell. They’ve been in a relationship since 1983, yet they’ve never married.

Goldie Hawn rose to prominence as the star of cult classics such as “Birdie on a Wire,” “Death Looks Good on Her,” and “The First Wives Club.” She met a man with whom she has been happily married for nearly 40 years. She was also the mother of three children, Oliver, Kate, and Wyatt Russell.

She has always stood for youth and beauty. Her rare public appearances never failed to enthrall fans. And many girls attempted to emulate Goldie’s healthy lifestyle, which she marketed in magazines.

After all, Goldie has long advocated for sensible HVA and natural beauty. For example, she has never colored her hair, only uses creams, and favors natural cures, such as citric acid and coconut oil. The actress claims she never visits a cosmetologist, although she does massage her face every day.

In her blog, the actress demonstrates simple exercises that include aspects of yoga, trampoline jumping, and extending her arms using weights, which she disguises as bottles of wine. And she is candid about her major beauty secret: a positive attitude and gratitude for her accomplishments.

However, the star’s recent appearance stunned the Internet. The 77-year-old actress has transformed dramatically. She looks to be fed up with fighting age-related changes on her own and has decided to seek the assistance of plastic surgeons. However, based on the results, she just made problems worse. Swelling, distorted facial oval, and unrecognizable facial expression, as demonstrated by the “duck” movement of the lips.

The Hollywood starlet is now unrecognizable. Users on the internet joke that Goldie has seen far too many “Duck Tales” cartoons. What could she possibly have done to her face?

Simultaneously, we should note that Hawn retains her sense of style. The actress dresses well not just for formal occasions, but also for casual stroll around town.