Hailey and Justin Bieber aren’t afraid to show how they feel in public. Paparazzi caught the couple on a walk together.

The freshness of spring has reached Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, the cutest couple in Hollywood.

When you look at Hailey and Justin, who have been married for five years, you might think that the candy-bouquet part of their relationship could last forever.

A few days ago, the reporters saw the couple as they were leaving the Great White restaurant, where they had just eaten breakfast. The model and the singer started out by holding hands in a sweet way, and then they kissed each other fiercely in front of other people.

Since this is a new trip for the spouses, it makes sense that they need to put more thought into their new outfits.

And while Justin liked to keep things simple and classic, Hailey decided to add some color to her look by putting on a bright orange-red fur coat. She finished off the look by bringing a “plush” bag and putting on a pair of voluminous pants that went with the rest of her outfit.

Even with all the high-profile breakups and scandals, it’s nice to see that Hailey and Justin are still a place where their fans can find peace and understanding.

Even so, it’s clear that the model is currently having a hard time.

Selena Gomez fans have been mean to the girl for about a month now. After the reported fight on the internet, angry fans started making threats toward Hailey in an attempt to protect Bieber’s ex-girlfriend.

Selena Gomez herself went on Twitter to talk about what was going on and tell her fans to calm down.