Her mother was twice her size. Beckham demonstrated to her youngest daughter

Victoria Beckham’s Instagram feed is often updated with new family photos. The singer and wife of the famous soccer player recently shared a snapshot of her youngest daughter with her admirers. David Beckham’s girlfriend is taller than her mother. Victoria’s followers have pointed out that the popular couple’s youngest heiress is much larger than her slender mother.

“That girl is whipped. “Who does she resemble?” “Not at all like Victoria,” “not like her mother,”

“Like her father,” “Daddy’s princess,” “Mum is slimmer than her kid,” “They fed her,” “I wonder who she resembles,” “Daddy’s breed,”

“Young and lovely,” she says. “Sunny child,” “Very happy,” I read beneath Victoria Beckham’s post.

What parent do you think the young lady looks like?

Didn’t she not resemble her thin mother?