“He’s short, but he’s got a big heart.” The 43-inch man got married and had a happy family.

Even though he looked small, this guy got to many high places. James Lasted lives in the UK. He is only 43 inches tall and is well-known as an actor and TV host. Also, our hero has never felt bad about being small, even when he was young. Being so sure of himself, he changed this bad thing into a good thing. So it was only normal for the man to be sure that Chloe, the girl he loved, would be his wife.

The first time they met was so odd and funny. James smiles when he thinks about that special day when they were at the cafe and the waiter gave Chloe the menu and brought James some pencils and an album because he thought James was a kid. And then, after two years, they got married, which caught the attention of many media.

After a while, when their daughter was born, their life got better and happier. The happy dad thinks that his cute baby will make a good actor. He takes her to a lot of his shoots, and the little girl is so at ease in front of the cameras when he does.

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