How does the 17-year-old girl with a rare ailment look and live? “She is a real Thumbelina!”

Although being 17 years old, Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley barely weights 22 pounds. Primordial dwarfism, an uncommon condition, is the cause.

The girl’s mother observed that her tummy was too small while she was expecting. The gestation period lengthened as time went by, but the stomach remained small. The woman expressed her worries to the doctors, who reassured her that she had nothing to be concerned about.

The absence of the stomach just before delivery disturbed the doctors as well. Kenadie arrived on schedule, but she was really small. She was just 11 inches tall. The baby had an extremely slim chance of living at all, according to the experts.

Even if the odds were against her, she lived. She grows and develops similarly to other healthy children. Height and weight are the only differences. Regarding intellectual growth, Kenadie studies with regular schoolchildren. They adore their adorable young classmate because she is always happy.

Strangely enough, the illness contributed to Kenadie’s rise to fame. The young woman received an offer to play the lead in the amazing movie “Eep.” Kennedy was flawless in her performance.

Kenadie has come to terms with the fact that she is unique among kids. She is still able to lead a full life in spite of her condition. The girl has a large group of pals. She wants to act in movies once more.

This small yet brave person’s example demonstrates once more that there is always cause for celebration. To love life is to live it fully.