How does the girl look now who won 300 beauty contests before she was six years old?

Do you remember the six-year-old girl in the United States who won more than 300 contests? Eden’s mom wanted her daughter to do great things. With her perfect looks, the little girl was able to impress the judges at beauty pageants.

“Eden was very beautiful. “She was perfect, just like a doll,” the girl’s aunt said. “Eden’s mother took her daughter to auditions every day, and as you can see, they were successful,” the woman said.

Wood is now 17 years old, and people all over the country have gotten behind her. The girl lives like any other teen and doesn’t stand out from the crowd.

Eden’s youth was stolen by Wood’s mother.

Wood thinks she is a normal girl and doesn’t tell her friends about her family. What do you think about Eden’s new pictures?