How is the woman who became a mother at 66 currently doing? “And how did she dare to make that decision?”

Due to her intense desire to have children, Adriana Iliescu rose to global fame. She had already reached the age of 66 when her daughter Eliza was born.

Adriana devoted her whole life to her career, became an honored professor of science, and was even married. However, the woman’s husband never wanted children. So Iliescu lived her whole life dreaming of an heir, but didn’t dare to take this responsible step.

Adriana ultimately came to the conclusion that it was still possible to have children even if she was already beyond 60. Of course, natural conception was no longer an option, so she sought assistance from the IVF process. The woman finally succeeded in becoming pregnant after numerous attempts.

An totally healthy girl was delivered after nine months. She is now 16 years old, and Adriana is 82 years old. Despite the fact that her peers occasionally bring up her mother’s age, Eliza doesn’t have any issues with it.

By the way, Adriana says she has absolutely no regrets about her choice now and intends to live to see her grandkids. And we have no doubt that she will get her wish.