“I love her the way she is,” Pierce Brosnan said of his chubby wife.

Pierce Brosnan, a well-known actor, recently turned 68 years old. The actor is in good form and is not embarrassed by his wife, who does not suit him.

Even in the 1990s, the actor married a lovely woman named Keely, with whom he remains in a loving relationship to this day.

People began to note that the actor’s wife had changed significantly during this time period.

The photos indicate that the girl grew from a thin beauty to a chubby woman who definitely no longer looks as attractive.

Yet Brosnan’s response is invariably brief: “I love her like that.”

And astonished fans leave comments under each publication, saying things like, “Such a horror,” “How could you convert yourself into such a beast,” and “This is a good example for everyone.”

And what can you say about the couple’s evolution? Do they go well together?