“I’m one out of a million.” After plastic surgery, a girl awakens as an Instagram celebrity.

Model Celine Centino documented her experience on Instagram. Plastic surgery cost the girl more than $50,000. In high school, Celine explored surgery for the first time. Sentino will never forget the insults directed at her by her students during her speech.

Celine’s doll-like beauty did not set her apart, and jokes from her peers implanted new complexes in her. Today, it’s impossible to recognize the self-assured beauty as a girl with braces. “What exactly did she do to herself?”

“She needed psychological therapy, not plastic surgery,” “What were her parents doing?” “I can’t believe it’s the same person,”

“She shouldn’t have done that to herself,” “What matters is that she’s happy today,”

“How could she not be? For sure, she’s lot happy today”, “She looks amazing”, “Too much”, you might read beneath Celine’s photos. How did you feel about the transformation?