In “My Last Show as an Actress,” Christina Applegate talks about her bad news.

The “Friends” star made a rare showing on the red carpet at the Fairmont Century Plaza in Century City, California. Christina wore a black velvet tuxedo-style dress with satin lapels to the wedding.

The actor was wearing red lipstick, glam makeup, and hair that was curled and parted. Sadie seemed to be a perfect copy of her well-known mother. The girl’s all-black outfit made her look young and trendy. Her shirt, long blazer, and pants went well with her newspaper cap, Dr. Martens patent leather boots with a strong platform, and bright yellow laces.

Applegate walked around with a cane that had her daughter’s name and a heart on it. After dated for five years, artist Martin Lenoble and singer Martin Lenoble had their only child. They got married in 2013. On the red carpet, while standing with the famous mom, Sadie gently held her hand.

The actress got a nomination for her role as cynical widow Jen Harding in the Netflix comedy series “Dead to Me.” She lost her title to Jean Smart, who won for her role as Deborah Vance in the popular HBO show “Hacks.” Even though Applegate had lost, she was happy to throw her hands in the air when Smart was named the winner.

Christina said that she is putting her acting career on hold because of health problems. In 2021, she was told she had multiple sclerosis. This show is very important to me because it could be my last award as an actor. Right now, I can’t picture getting up at 5 a.m. and working on set for 12 to 14 hours. I don’t have a choice right now, according to facts given by Applegate.

Even so, the Emmy Award winner has found comfort in being able to use their sounds in movies and animated shows. I do a lot of voice-over work so that my daughter can eat and have everything she needs in our home.

When Christina showed up in the last season of the project, she said that the effects of her multiple sclerosis made her “a downer every day.” The star said, “Most of that pain happened by myself in my trailer.”

So she could get the care she needed, she had to stop working for five months. Filming began in January 2022 and finished in February. She had to use a wheelchair and a cane to get around, and when she stood, her legs helped her stay steady.

Everyone was glad it was over safely, because there were times on set when I would cry and say, “I can’t, we need a break, I need half an hour,” as Christina remembered.