In one year, a mother of three was able to lose 121 pounds. How Does She Look Now?

Many people want to lose weight, but when it comes down to it, they give up. But our character is not like the rest. Meet Kelly. She lives in Australia and is a mother of three. A picture of Kelly before she started her journey to lose weight.

She used to have trouble with being too fat, which made it hard for her to take care of her kids. But her story turns out well in the end. She lost more than 121 pounds in a year without having surgery or following a tight diet. The answer was much easier. Slowly, she began to change what she ate. After that year of change, she started to look great, and her past seemed like a bad dream.

When she walked on the scale after having her third child and saw the number 278 Ibs, she was shocked. She had never before been so heavy. She knew she had to make big changes, and not just because the scale said so. It was getting harder and harder for her to keep up with her three kids. She wanted to be more busy and fun with her kids, but her weight was holding her back.

Like a lot of other people, her favorite foods were french fries and chicken, and she found it hard to give them up. Her plan was to cut back on how much she ate. Once she got used to the change, she gave up fizzy drinks in favor of plain water or mineral water.

She switched from white rice to brown rice, only ate home-cooked meals, and didn’t eat snacks at bars. Even though these changes were small, they began to slowly change her life. She got in the habit of putting her food in containers so she wouldn’t eat too much. Soon, she no longer wanted to eat too much or food that was bad for her. For breakfast, she ate cereal or fried eggs. For lunch and dinner, she ate a light salad with chicken or fish and some fruit for dinner.

All diets say they will work quickly, but this isn’t true. Kelly’s journey shows that this is true. She eventually started to work exercise into her daily routine. She didn’t go to a gym or exercise club. Instead, she took up pole dance.

She not only changed her life, but she also became an example for other people. Now, she doesn’t look much like the woman she used to be.

What do you think about Kelly’s story and how hard she worked?