It’s been twelve years. What twins who have different-colored eyes look like now

2011 was the year Morgan and Megan were born. When the twins were four years old, their mother shared the first picture of them on Instagram. People on the Internet were drawn to the kids because they were so cute. The girls’ beautiful looks come from their mother, who has eyes the color of the sky.

Morgan’s parents gave her the brown eyes she has now, and she also paid close attention to her father. Over 1 million people follow Megan and Morgan’s news on the Internet.

The women like having their pictures taken and showing off their clothes. Megan and Morgan’s mother says that people always look at them when they are out on the street.

The woman spends a few hours every day doing the girls’ hair, makeup, and picking out stylish pictures and accessories for the young models. Check out these little angels.

Is it possible to look at a picture of Megan or Morgan and not feel anything?