It’s not for the weak of heart because this is how Patrick Swayze appeared right before he passed away.

The performer received a makeover, losing his previous appearance and becoming very different from the actor he formerly was. Sadly, Patrick Swayze’s life was tragically cut short at the early age of 57. His pancreatic cancer was fatally diagnosed a few years before he went away. The once-charismatic Hollywood actor underwent a profound transformation due to old age and illness, becoming a frail old man.

Swayze battled alcoholism during the whole decade of the 1990s. He plunged into a deep depression because of his wife’s miscarriage, which ultimately led to her infertility. Patrick struggled with obsessive drinking for years until his family intervened and helped him join a recovery facility.

After conquering the battle with alcohol, Patrick made an effort to resume his previous way of life. He continued starring in movies and even published memoirs up until he wound up back in the hospital. There, medical experts discovered the presence of metastases. Sadly, this beloved symbol vanished in September 2009.

Online users are sharing pictures of Swayze from a few years before he passed away. It is really challenging to recognize him.

His skin has several imperfections, his eyes are weary, and he has creases all over his face. Everyone could see how an era’s symbol was passing away right before their eyes.