Jennifer and Ben were once again stuck in the middle of a fight. Fans are putting out the word.

Again, Jennifer and Ben’s fights were heard by others. Supporters are sounding the alarm.

It looks like the happy finish to our favorite Hollywood fairy tale may actually be a divorce. Back in February, reports started to spread that the perfect pair of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez was not going as planned:

When the actor’s lovely wife didn’t pay attention to him at the Grammys because he looked bored and she didn’t notice, the fans turned their attention to the actor. Since then, they’ve both sung songs about each other in interviews, and the reports have died down. However, they came back with a rage a few days ago.

In a video that went viral, Ben was in a bad mood and was seen slamming the car door behind Jennifer. It seems like no one else has a similar situation.

But the next day, at the “Mother” opening for J. Lo’s new movie, they fought again, this time in front of the cameras. Fans of the famous family have something new to worry about.

The Daily Mail released video that was taken by European tourists who saw the actor’s car at a traffic light in Beverly Hills earlier this month.

The video makes it clear that Ben and Jennifer are having a very heated fight about something, since the star is swearing more and his wife is giving him a very annoyed look as they talk.

Of course, every couple has fights, but don’t Bennifer and Brad have too many? Still, it hadn’t been more than a year since their big wedding. Is the end of this beautiful story right around the corner? We don’t want to agree to it.