Jennifer Garner got married to herself in celebration of turning 50 because she wants to live a life of singledom.

A well-known actress named Jennifer Garner turned 50 this year.

When she thought back to the evening before her celebration, she was grateful for her intelligence, her excellent health, her experiences in life, and the highs and lows she had encountered.

She feels tremendously happy and content with the three kids she shares with Ben Affleck.

Following her divorce, Jennifer made a full recovery and now feels safe in her life.

She enjoys spending time with her kids and spending time alone, and she rarely gets angry.

Garner is ready to resume acting and is more committed than ever to giving her job everything she has.

On her special day, she wishes to spend time with her loved ones and has prepared a virtual wedding ceremony for herself.

The perfect excuse to come together and celebrate her life and accomplishments was that her birthday fell on Easter Sunday.

Everyone who came to see her had to participate in the “Blessings in a Bag” program, which involved filling bags with food for underprivileged families.

Garner’s life, her exceptional professional accomplishments, and her dedication to humanitarian work were all honored at the reception.

Because of her charitable work, she is adored and admired by young people.