Julia Roberts’ grown-up children, one of Hollywood’s most well-known actresses

Julia Roberts is a well-known, talented, and gorgeous Hollywood actress. We all know that, but Julia is also a lovely mother in addition to her brilliant acting profession.

The actress has three children: twins Hazel Patricia and Finneas Walter, and a younger son Henry Daniel Moder.

Hazel is currently enrolled in a private school in Los Angeles, where she excels academically. The young lady has already tried her hand at acting, appearing in a number of films, but her dream is to be a model.

Her twin brother Phineas hasn’t decided yet, but the younger one will most likely be a singer. He attends and excels in voice school.

Julia has severely restricted her children’s ability to register on social media, so fans of the actress frequently search for their faces in random photographs.

Daniel Moder, Julia Roberts’ husband, hasn’t shared a family portrait in a long time. «Her attractive mother is up front. “We are completely committed to you.” Daniel captioned the photograph.

The actress also remembered Mother’s Day by sharing a wonderful photo with her fans.